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We offer 4  PO Box services

A very warm welcome to PO Box services. Please feel free to browse all our PO Box options and do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.


We scan and upload your mail to your secure account.  We notify you by email.

YOU simply login to your PO Box account, read, print or download a copy of your post.

Scanning Service
Quarterly 6 Months Yearly 2 Years 5 Years
Darlington Light User
Darlington Standard User
London Light User
London Standard User
 £30  £50  £90  £150  £300
 £60  £100  £180  £300  £600
 £36  £60  £108  £180  £360
 £66  £110  £198  £330  £660


All the feautures of our Mail Scanning service PLUS we can send your outgoing mail by post or courier to your clients or customers.

It is that simple, so sign up today for a PO Box with us.

Our PO Box services are ideal for expats, businesses, professionals, students and people on the move, plus, there are a host of other good reasons for wanting to read your post confidentially and securely where ever you may be. So, PO Box rental is the simple answer.

Virtual Office Service
Quarterly 6 Months Yearly 2 Years 5 Years
Darlington Light
Darlington Standard
London Light
London Standard
 £45  £85  £160  £300  £600
 £60  £110  £200  £350  £700
 £50  £90  £170  £330  £660
 £75  £140  £250  £400  £800


WE receive and collect your post in your PO Box during the week and forward it all in a mail bag to your chosen forwarding address, every Friday.

Mail Forwarding Service
Quarterly 6 Months Yearly 2 Years 5 Years
Darlington Address
London Address
 £30  £50  £90  £150  £300
 £36  £60  £108  £180  £360


Our virtual telephone answering service is powerful, effective, flexible and very competitively priced, at just 1.25 pence per second. We answer 98% of calls within 10 seconds. Our charges are based on volume, so if you have 2 calls per month or 1000 per month the package is the same. We answer your calls in your company name, and use your own script with the information tailored as you wish for your callers. You choose how you divert, whether it is all calls, or when your lines are busy, or after a certain amount of rings with no response. We send you by email or sms the name of your caller, his number and any message.

We simple charge 1.25p/sec, and you simple pay £15 per month in advance for 1200 seconds, and then any seconds in excess of this are charged also at 1.25p/second.

For more details on how this works, just click through to our Phone Answering Service Page.

Phone Answering Service
Phone Answering Service

At, we make the paperless office that bit closer receiving your mail. Our service can act as a forwarding address and also as a private mailbox, with mailboxes in London and Darlington. We scan mail and do mail forwarding. offer confidential mail & call handling services. specialise in Mail Forwarding, Mail Scanning, complete Virtual Office Services and fully personalised Phone Answering Services. offer secure and discreet online services accessible worldwide. Use one of our UK addresses for all your mail, and we will forward your mail to you anywhere in the world, and/or alternatively, you can read your mail online anytime 24/7 in your very own personal, password protected mailbox. We also handle parcels as well as limited company formations. are fully licensed under Data Protection and UK Money Laundering regulations. The service you can trust -, your 24/7 e-postman

Dear poboxes I wish to say how pleased I am with this very convenient service. I am doing a Ph.D. in maths and spend my summers in France and the rest of my time at changing location in the England. It is so convenient to have one address for all my post all the time.
Jack Neville Reigate
I signed up for their basic service first when I moved to Thailand and have been delighted with the service. All my post is in one place. I wish I had done this while I was living in the UK.
James Hanley Kingston upon Thames.
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