What is a Director's Service Address ?

What is a Director's Service Address?

In 2006 the Companies Act introduced the concept of a director's service address, separate from a residential address to offer increased privacy and security for business people.

Maintaining a director's service address offers company directors, secretaries, LLP members and shareholders the ability to protect their home address from business contacts. It will only be made available to the police, HMRC, Companies House and credit reference agencies.

Now, every incorporated company in the United Kingdom must maintain a record of their directors' service addresses, kept separate from their residential addresses. While the public has the right to inspect service addresses, they can't see the residential ones.

If you're incorporating a company or have just been made a company director, you can explore several options for establishing your service address. Some people just use the registered office of their company, while others have related post sent to their accountant.

However, a popular choice is for company directors to maintain a virtual office, which offers the necessary service address plus several more highly useful features. At POBoxes.com we can provide you with both a included with any of our virtual office plans.

It's important to remember that Companies House requires that a director's service address be a real, physical location where post can be delivered. It can't be a PO box or a DX number, which is why one of our virtual office plans is such a great idea.

We will provide you with a real, physical address that documents can be delivered to securely in accordance with Companies House guidelines. We have offices in both so you can select which suits you best. Even so, keep in mind that you don't have to visit your new service address or display any incorporation details there.

A virtual office will provide you with much more than just a registered office and a director's service address, too. We offer secure mail scanning and forwarding as well as sending outgoing post on your behalf. We can upload your post to a secure account for viewing online, and then deliver the hard copies to you or even shred them securely on your behalf. Maintaining a service address at a virtual office will even cut down on the amount of junk mail you receive!

Maintaining a director's service address at our virtual office location is also a smart business idea for smaller companies or remote workers looking to enhance their professional image. It can help you look more prestigious to your clients and seem more credible to public authorities and credit agencies.

Are you worried that a virtual office and director's service address will be costly to maintain? You'll be surprised at how affordable it really is. company directors the benefits of increased privacy and prestige; you can even share yours with another of your business associates and split the cost!

Whether you're incorporating a new business or you've recently been appointed a company director, get in touch with us regarding our virtual office services. We'd be pleased to help you establish a directors' service address.

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