How mail forwarding mail scanning service work with
mail scanning
  • You sign up for a PO Box account
  • We give you a address
  • Tell everyone your new address or set up a Royal Mail Redirection
  • We scan your post and its contents
  • You receive an email notification of new mail
  • You view, download, forward or recycle your mail online!
Scanning Service Quarterly 6 Months Yearly 2 Years 5 Years
Darlington Light User DL135 Victoria Road,
Darlington, Co Durham,
 £40  £66  £120  £200  £400
London Light User SW19 265-269 Kingston Road,
Wimbledon, London,
SW19 3NW
 £46  £76  £138  £230  £460
Darlington Standard User DL135 Victoria Road,
Darlington, Co Durham,
 £70  £116  £210  £350  £700
London Standard User SW19 265-269 Kingston Road,
Wimbledon, London,
SW19 3NW
 £76  £126  £228  £380  £760

How Our Mail Scanning Works

Signing up for Mail Scanning with

Sign Up

Sign up for our service by selecting the PO Box plan that suits you. We have a variety of plans with different contract lengths. The longer you sign up the bigger the discount we can offer you. Light User accounts get a limit of 25 pieces of mail or 100 page scans, and Standard Users get a limit of 75 pieces of mail and 300 page scans.

Issued a PO Mail Address

Once you have signed up, you are issued with a full postal address. (examples of these can be seen on the right of this page) You can give this address to friends or family, businesses, clients or set up a royal mail redirect.

PO Processes your Mail

Once we receive your mail, we scan the front and back of the envelope.  The envelope is then opened, all the contents are scanned and uploaded to our secure servers for access by you through your PO account.  A notification of new mail is sent automatically to your chosen email address.

What is required to open an account?

In order to detect and avoid possible fraud and to comply with data protection laws and money laundering regulations, we require two forms of ID to be sent to us within your first month as a user.  Please post photocopies to:
PO Admin
35 Victoria Road
Darlington DL1 5SF, UK.
Any account which does not have the Proof of ID verified within the first month will be put on hold until the issue is resolved.


ID card    Click here for a list of all acceptable documentation


Business Graphic   Want to use for your Company Address? Click here for info



Options for Mail Received

When selecting to view the envelope or mail, the image is quickly loaded up into your browser and can be increased in size to aid identification.
You can choose to download the image of the envelope or the content in a PDF file.  (if you have trouble viewing PDF files please visit Adobe)
Send Via Email
Your mail can be automatically attached to an outgoing email sent from your personnal account and forwarded anywhere in the world to any other email address.
Letters can be kept in storage for up to 6 months, any longer than this will result in a charge to your account.
Forward Via Postal System
If you wish to receive your original mail, you can choose to have it forwarded to an address of your choice - an additional fee will be payable, dependant on local postage.
Secure Recycle
We believe in keeping your documents safe from the moment we receive them until the moment they leave, this includes a secure recycling service provided by a 3rd party at no extra charge.  If you wish for specific details on the firm we use, please contact us directly and we will happily go through the process with you.
Included in plan
     Number of items Page Scans
Light 25 per month 100 per month
 Standard  75 per month 300 per month
How your address can appear