How mail forwarding services works for
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  • You sign up for a PO Box
  • We give you a address
  • Tell everyone your new address or set up a Royal Mail Divert
  • We collect your post during the week
  • We forward all your post for that week in a parcel every Friday to your chosen address
Mail Forwarding Service
Quarterly 6 Months Yearly 2 Years 5 Years
Darlington Address DL135 Victoria Road,
Darlington, Co Durham,
London Address SW19 265-269 Kingston Road,
Wimbledon, London,
SW19 3NW
 £30  £50  £90  £150  £300
 £36  £60  £108  £180  £360

How Our Mail Forwarding Works

Signing up for Mail Forwarding with

Sign Up

Sign up for our service by selecting the PO Box plan that suits you.  We have a variety of plans with different contract lengths.  The longer you sign up, the bigger the discount we can offer you.

Issued a PO Mail Address

Once you have signed up, you are issued with a full postal address. (examples of this can be seen on the right of this page)  You can give this address to friends or family, businesses, clients or set up a royal mail redirect.

Post Collection

From Saturday to Friday we collect all the post received for your account and on the Friday of every week, we package this all together and send to your chosen forwarding address.  If you would like this done every fortnight, every month or even every quarter, please let us know as we will always be happy to try accommodate all our users needs.

Forwarding Postage Cost

We invoice at the end of every month for the postage costs incurred for forwarding your mail.  All mail is tracked and sent 1st class to your registered forwarding address, so if something ever gets delayed or goes missing, we can investigate this and locate the missing mail package.

Whats required to open an account?

In order to detect and avoid possible fraud and to comply with data protection laws and money laundering regulations, we require two forms of ID to be sent to us within your first month as a user.  Please post photocopies to:
PO Admin
35 Victoria Road
Darlington DL1 5SF, UK.
Any account which does not have the Proof of ID verified within the first month will be put on hold until the issue is resolved.


ID card    Click here for a list of all acceptable documentation


Business Graphic    Want to use for your Company Address? Click here for info


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