How Phone Answering Service works with
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  • You sign up for our Phone Answering Service
  • We prepare your personalised Phone Answering Script
  • Our virtual telephone answering service is powerful, effective, flexible and very competitively priced, at just 1.25 pence per second.
Phone Answering Service
Phone Answering Service

How our Phone Answering Service Works

We answer any number of incoming calls made either to your existing telephone line or to a number provided by us, and always using your chosen greeting, such as:

"Good morning, “Your Business name” , how may I help you?"


How to set the service up


POBoxes works with standard diversion protocol, which are described below. As a subscriber to POBoxes Phone Answering Service, your customers and potential customers need never hear the engaged tone again. We can provide you with a number in order that all your calls are answered here, or you can divert a number you already have using the standard divert procedure, which allows you to choose three different ways to divert incoming calls to POBoxes.

1. All calls. you can choose divert all incoming calls to POBoxes, when your office is unattended, or you simply wish to work undisturbed.

To Swith ON        *21* divert number #
To Switch OFF    #21#

2. After 5 rings, you can divert calls not answered in about 15 seconds to POBoxes. This is ideal if you are simply unable to reach the phone in time.

To Switch ON      *61* divert number #
To Switch OFF    #61#

3. When busy, you can switch back when it suits you to answer your line(s) yourself and divert callers that now would normally hear an engaged tone - ideal when you are in and you want to answer the first call whilst at the same time not giving engaged tone to additional callers.

To Switch ON      *67* divert number #
To Switch OFF    #67#

When you have signed up for our service, whenever your phone is unattended, busy, or you simply wish to work undisturbed, you can easily programme your phone to automatically divert calls to us.

You will be sent an email or sms within seconds of your callers details and message. If you have any questions, please call us on 020 8819 1601

Some of the advantages of using our phone answering service are that you can, save money on overheads, improve your corporate image, capture every sales enquiry, avoid the unwanted calls and deal with the priority calls first.


Charges and terms etc


1.25p per second (75p per minute)
No Contract term - Only 30 day written cancellation notice
Nominal Set up Fee £20.00 for personalised instructions
1st month up front charge (includes 20 minutes) £15.00
Total Payable in advance £35
Calls in excess of the 1200 secs (20 mins) charged at 1.25p/s charged at end of each month.
Messages will be delivered by email are free, or charged at 10p for sms.
There is no charge for a Darlington or UK geographic number, If you wish us to supply you with your own geographic number.  However, 
there is a surcharge of £65 for 0208 numbers & £180 for 0207 numbers.

For other number charges, please call 020 8819 1601 for more details.

Currently we are also able to offer numbers for Belgium Brussels, France Paris, Germany Frankfurt, Italy Milan, Sweden Stockholm, Switzerland Zurich & Ireland Dublin Galway Limerick Cork. These all cost an extra £5 per month rental & 3p per minute for incoming calls. 

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